Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Snap, A Set and A Song - Bush

Time once again to link with Thea at A Snap, A Set and A Song for this week's theme of Bush. Stop by her site to see her take - and possibly join us with your own post.

The Snap

This week Thea has picked the theme of Bush and specified that it be the Australian meaning of the word so I won't be showing any shrubbery, minor league baseball or images relating to two of our former U.S. Presidents. The closest I can figure that "bush" will translate into American is woods/forest/natural setting. So with that in mind, we know that Thea is a country girl ... a farm girl ... but what is this dapper urbanite, this New York City resident to do? I live within the city limits of one of the most densely populated cities in the world, but as it turns out, the borough that I call home - Staten Island - actually has a good deal of protected natural landscape which we call "The Greenbelt." As a photographer I often walk through areas of The Greenbelt with my camera - so let's join this couple along this woodland trail and take a nature walk through the woods.

The Set

Our nature walk continues ...

The Song

When I first heard about this week's theme (and it's restrictions), this poem came to mind immediately. The next day I was talking with someone, and something in our conversation prompted her to quote the same poem I was thinking of, so it seems appropriate that I should include it here.


  1. Our snaps are definitely similar. Slightly different colours.
    Great idea for your set, loved the sound effects.
    What a great poem.

    Thanks for a great SS&S :)

  2. Loving this stuff! Nice to get to see your photos, and I'm sitting here wondering how you got the effects and all. Pity I'm so useless with a camera :D